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Shrill noises reduction

Magic Sonic

Magic Sonic consists of 3 resonators that reduce sound pressure in the frequency range around 6000 Hz (pneumatic scalers and turbines).

The sound environment and the perception of speech sounds remain unchanged for the comfort of dental surgeons, hygienists, assistants and patients.

Magic Sonic does not create an occlusion effect (stuffy ear sensation).



I had the pleasure of testing this noise reduction device.
Do not push them into the ear canal, just place them at the entrance.
The reduction in the noise of the turbine and the red ring counter-angle is really noticeable.
Our assistants also wear them and can no longer do without them.
Assessment: better concentration during care and less fatigue at the end of the day.
In addition, the price is very reasonable.

Dr Recuero Melanie

We use the magic sonics daily with the cords. Indeed, the cords make it much easier to hold the earpieces, although they must be readjusted in the ear canal several times during the treatment. . We are very satisfied with this device and can no longer consider treatments without wearing them, as the attenuation is felt and reduces fatigue at the end of the day.

Lionel Coudray

I am very satisfied with the Magic Sonic after two months of daily use as part of my activity as a dental technician. These sound protections allowed me to protect myself from the noise pollution found in my laboratory, which are very important (plaster size, steam plant, suction, turbines, etc.) and this without isolating myself completely to respond to the different operating alarms of my hardware and phone.


Tested and approved by M School.
Your ears and those of your assistants are precious.
Take care!
In 4 words: washable, removable, autoclavable and comfortable.
Thank you Jean Marie Boulley for your trust.

Dr Marc Apap

Regarding the Magic Sonic, I confirm that it is quite effective. It does not attenuate any particular frequency, but makes work more comfortable when using ultrasonic scalers with high-pitched noise; It attenuates suction noises less significantly. It also attenuates the sound of my own voice and curiously encourages me to speak less loudly. I don't like to keep it on once I've finished the treatment, I'm not comfortable because it muffles sounds, which doesn't facilitate dialogue with patients.


For a very long time, the various and varied noises of turbines, contra angles, suctions and others have caused permanent stress to our ears and some of us have lost hearing acuity. Thanks to the Magic Sonic a new world opens up to us to work in complete serenity, sheltered from noise pollution. This is a step to take absolutely!

Samantha Hernandez

The earplugs are comfortable and feel very little.
The transparent link makes them discreet.
They attenuate the noise of the strawberries a little, but mask more the ultra sounds which are very painful to me.
On the other hand, having small hearing problems, they attenuate the surrounding noises like the voice a little too much and make me lose my bearings slightly.
Conclusion: they are comfortable to wear and very useful for ultrasound treatments, but not all day.

Jacinta Amorim

Very useful for limiting milling and suction noise. I was apprehensive not to hear the practitioner but that only filters out the noise. On the other hand it is difficult to wear all day, it ends up hurting the ears.

Natacha Bordes

Easy to insert and comfortable to wear. It really cuts out suction, ultrasonic and grinding noises without preventing other sounds from being heard.

Dr Lucy Dhellemmes

It was not won, because if I know well the risk of working without hearing protection, I have never managed to support the devices that I have tried for more than one session.
I opened the box this morning: the magic sonic fits perfectly in my ear, it holds very well, and can be removed just as easily.
I kept the device in place all morning, and replaced it for the afternoon without complaining.
It is especially during the use of rotary that one realizes the comfort that this brings, which largely counterbalances the slight sensation of blocked ears.
I even thought for a moment that my ultrasound insert didn't work !
I don't think I can do without it.